Small Group Activities

small group


Teacher directed-(TD)    Independent (I)    Four Groups

First Week:go over classroom rules and center rules

Second wk: classroom rules and center rules  (TD)

Third wk: classroom rules and center rules (TD)

Fourth wk: classroom rules and center rules (TD)


  1. Alphabet (TD)    2. Counting to Twenty  (TD) 3. math manipulative 4. dry erase board writing your name
  2. Alphabet (TD)  2. Counting to twenty (TD)  3. dry erase board writing your name  4. practice cutting on the black line
  3. Alphabet (TD)  2. Counting to twenty (TD)  3. dry erase board writing your first name  4. cutting skills
  4. Alphabet (TD)  2. Counting to twenty (TD)  3. dry erase board writing your first name  4. cutting skills
1. Pumpkin art project (TD) 2. science experiment (TD) 3. playdough shapes  4. lacing
2. fall tree art project (TD)  2. A-B-A-B pattern (TD) 3.puzzles 4. fall water color painting
3. alphabet (td)  2. counting to 20 (td)   3. Fall collage  4. cutting skills
4. science experiment (td)   2. pumpkin seed art project  4. Harvest mask  5. math manipulative
1. Learn your birthday (TD)    2. Learn your address (TD)  3. dry erase board write your first name  4. make Native American corn
2.  Learn your address (TD)  2. opposites (TD)  3. make native American fruit loop necklace  4. Make a turkey hat
3. Alphabet (TD)  2. counting to 20 (TD) 3. make a thanksgiving placemat 4. make a paper bag pilgrim
4. thanksgiving story and bracelet (TD) 2. make apple or pumpkin mini pie (TD) 3. make a pilgrim hat   4. make an native American headband
december 1
 1. make a hand-print wreath (TD) 2. ABBA pattern with Christmas bows (TD) 3. lacing 4. puzzles.
2. make a Christmas card (TD)   2. decorate a mug /hot chocolate Rudolph  (TD)  3. green, red, and white painting 4. make a popsicle ornament
3. Make apple cinnamon ornament (TD)  2.Tying shoes (TD)   3. decorate a stocking 4. make your own wrapping paper
1. Follow directions snowman (TD)   2. Science: Snowflake slime (TD)  3. write your first and last name (I)   4. Make a winter collage (I)  5. Shaving Cream letters
2. Learn about Hibernation (TD)   2. Make your own snow (TD)  3. finger paint with blue paint and silver glitter  4. Hibernation game (I) 5. Playdough shapes
3. Review the alphabet (TD)  2. Can you count to 100? (TD) 3. Count 100 fruit loops on string (I)  4. look at books about winter (I)   5. Count by 10’s and make 100 day school hat (I)
4. learn about Martin Luther King Jr. (TD)  2. Science: Egg experiment We are the same (TD) 3. Water color peace sign paper plates (I)  4. Rhyming game (I) 5. I have a dream….
1. Read a book about Ground Hog Day  and make a prediction draw a picture if he will see his shadow or not  (TD)    2. Science : learn about Shadows (TD) 3. Floor puzzles  (I)  4. paint with red and purple paint (I)
2. read a book about love and make a hand print love poem  (TD)  2. Science: valentine hearts with baking soda experiment(TD)  3. Playdough letters (I)  4. decorate your valentine box (I) 5. lacing cards
3. read a book about Presidents and draw a picture “George Washington or Abraham Lincoln”(TD) 2. Math: introduce money “coins and dollars” (TD) 3. practice writing first and last name (I)  4. Red, White, and Blue collage (I)  5. floor puzzle
4. Review ABC and colors (TD)  2. Count 1-20 and shapes (TD)  3. paint with water colors (I)  4. playdough shapes  5. gears
 1. Read ABC Dr. Suess and write down the letters you remember from the book (td) 2. Graph Red fish Blue fish with colored gold fish (td)  3. write first and last name on kindergarten line paper (I) 4. floor puzzle . 5. playdough shapes
1. Follow direction Cat in the Hat (TD) 2. Make Thing 1 or Thing 2 handprint (TD) 3. Write your birthday on kindergarten line paper 4. gears 5. blocks
1. Read book the color green and paint with green paint (td) 2. make green eggs and ham with the griddle (td) 3. make a green collage 4. Decorate a shamrock  5. science center
1.  Read a book about Spring and draw a Spring picture (TD) 2. make a pattern with colored eggs (td)  3. Write your address on kindergarten line paper (I) 4. match upper case and lower case letters ( I)  5. floor puzzle
 1. Read a book about “Spring”  have the students draw a picture of they remember from the story  (TD) 2. Read a book about “how does a seed grow?” put in order 1-4 squares  have them draw pictures (seed-seedling-stem/leaves-flower)  (TD) 3. Spring Collage (I)  4. water color paint with Spring colors (I)

2. Read a book (Frog life cycle) and have the students put the pictures of lifecyle in order (TD)  3. Review letters and numbers(TD) 4. Practice writing first and last name on kindergarten line paper and pencil (I) 5. puzzles (I)

3. Read a book (Butterfly life cycle ) have the students make butterfly life cycle necklace (TD)  2. Read the book (The very hungry caterpillar)  have the students make the very hungry caterpillar  put the food in order (TD) 3. review patterns have the students glue on shapes on construction make ABAB or AABB patterns (I) 4. shape playdough

4. Read the Lorax  science experiment learn how seed grows make your own grass head    (TD) 5. Read a book about Recycling go on scavenger hunt in the classroom look for items to recycle (TD) 6. Make your own tissue paper truffle tree (I)  7. practice cutting on the black line


  1. Read a book about “Mother’s Day ” make a card  “I love you to pieces” (TD)  2. Read a book “Are you my mother?” students write a mother’s day poem on their handprint flowers. (TD) 3. make a mother’s day photo frame out of pop sticks (I)  4. Make a mother’s day collage  (I)  5. Gears (I)
  2. Read a book about the ” Ocean ” and make a AABB pattern with different color fish (TD) 2. Read a book about “Sea Animals” students think of words rhyme with “shell”  (TD) 3. Write first and last name with dry erase maker and whiteboard (I)  4. paint with blue and green water colors (I) 5. Blocks (I)
  3. Practice saying “End of Year Celebration ” Poem (TD)  2. Practice singing “End of Year Celebration” Songs (TD) 3. Blocks (I) 4. Sensory table (I)  5. Make a class autograph book (I)
  4. Practice “End of Year Celebration (TD) walking, sitting, Introduction, saying the pledge, Poems, Songs, and diploma , end of the ceremony.

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